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Tickling by 12Beast1212

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February 16, 2008
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Chapter 3

I blink my blue eyes open and try to shake my head a bit to clear it. But I can barely move, much less shake. I’m sitting in one of the comfortable heart shaped chairs that used to be around the table. My wrists are tied tight to the padded arms. So are my elbows. I’ve got a few yards of rope around my tummy, tethering me to the body of the sturdy chair as well. And it looks like my shoes have abandoned me in my time of need.

My nylon-clad legs are bound together at the knee, calves, and ankles, and resting comfortably on a matching foot-stool. Apparently someone wants me to stay put, and judging by the cloth gag over my mouth, they aren’t interested in my opinion on the subject. Tastes like Egyptian cotton. Blech.

I fight back that sense of panic and try to keep my cool. Figure it out, I keep thinking. Solve it. I glance around the room as much as my bondage will allow. The sun has set, leaving the penthouse bathed in darkness. The only light seems to be candlelight - a lot of candlelight. They’re all clustered around the bed like some kinda firefly orgy, casting undulating shadows on the high ceiling. That’s when I spot Hailey.

She’s sitting on the south side of the bed. There’s no baseboard, so her butt’s simply planted on the edge of the mattress, on top of those fine red satin sheets. Her legs are out straight, with her feet about three feet apart. Each of her ankles are secured tight in some kind on metallic cuff, which are humming softly and hovering parallel to the top of the bed. Fortunately for Hailey, the inside of the ankle-cuffs seem to have a soft fur lining. Which means she’s not going anywhere, but at least she’s not being hurt. If they hurt her, so help me I’ll do something awful to ‘em.

Figure it out, Janey. It’s all in the details.

Hailey’s arms are stretched up tight over her head, again by some fur-lined cuffs that are roped up to the ceiling. Looks like whoever set this up is definitely playing a game with us. They changed her clothes. That red masterpiece of a dress is gone, and all they’ve left her with is some skimpy pink lingerie. Her top is a sheer nylon corset design, with thin straps that covers her chest down to mid-torso. There’s a three-inch gap in the front, with a crisscross tie that ends in a small bow between her beautiful breasts. The fabric is so sheer I can faintly see the outline of her nipples even in the dim candlelight. All she’s wearing on the bottom is a tiny red thong with a heart design on the front. She looks even more adorable now than she did wearin’ that dress.

Somehow she’s still sound asleep. They either gassed her again, or more likely that daiquiri had a little extra ingredient in addition to the knockout gas. Bastards. Ooh, I’m lookin’ forward to some payback already. But first I gotta get outta here. I go back to lookin’ for clues, but I find my eyes drifting back to Hailey.

Her long, wavy, brunette hair is still framing her face in that classic way. She’s got a silky red scarf delicately tied as a blindfold. She always sleeps better with a blindfold on anyway. She’s makin’ that sweet half-snore sound she makes sometimes late at night. The candlelight is playfully dancing over her perfect, half-naked body, as if the candles themselves want to see more. Wow, what a figure. I catch myself daydreamin’ about what I’d be doing if I wasn’t tied to this damn chair. Catch myself thinking about that fantastic body of hers. And then I smell the sweet smell of spring roses, and feel warm breath caress my ear lobe.

“Mmmmm…” a husky voice coos. “I was just thinking the same thing. Are you ready to have some fun, my tough little tiger?”

I scream a muffled “EEK!” into my gag. My heart does a coupla back-flips in my chest, partly because she scared the hell out of me, and partly because that is the sexiest voice I have ever heard.

Her confident tone sounds polite, and yet very naughty. And her delightful British accent gives my goose bumps all over my body. She slowly walks from behind the chair and heads over toward Hailey. Slipping between her spread legs so she’s nose to nose with my sleeping roomie, she softly reaches up and pets Hailey’s head. Hailey makes a happy sighing sound in response. She loves it when Andi or I pet her head while she’s sleeping. How the hell would this dame know that?  Alright, now I’m officially-full-on-big-time worried. What kind of crazy setup is this?

Two more shadowed figures float out of the darkness into the glow of the candlelight. They each kneel before one of Hailey’s captive feet. Looks like they’re each getting out a small silver canister and dipping their fingers inside. The light shimmers off their glistening fingers as they each reach up and start softly massaging Hailey’s helpless feet with the utmost care. I catch a whiff of the smell: shae butter. Lavender shae butter. And I see one of the shadowy ticklers slip Hailey’s magical alien toe ring off her right foot and carefully set it aside.

I try shouting into my expensive gag, even thrashing around a bit, but I figure out real quick that its not doing me a damn bit of good. The three shadowy strangers continue their sweet caresses, and Hailey starts to come to with a sleepy smile on her face.

“Why, hello there, my little Ace of Diamonds,” purrs Sexy Voice.

“Wha…? Hey, I can’t see!” Hailey awakens with a start, panic on the tip of her tongue.

“Shhhhhh… it’s all right, Hailey. No one is going to hurt you, I promise,” reassures Sexy Voice. But I’m not so sure. It doesn’t take Sherlock friggin’ Holmes to figure out that these broads are up to no good. The two other shadows have momentarily paused their foot massaging, but are still kneeling there in menacing silence. Amazingly though, the reassurance seems to calm Hailey down quite a bit. Maybe it’s the sound of that voice.

“But... who are you? And why can’t I see?” comes the logical query from my helpless friend. “And who’s touching my feet?”

“Calm down, Angel, and I’ll explain everything. You see, Hailey, I’ve been watching you and your beautiful Bounce Chix friends for several months now. I guess you could say I’ve developed quite the crush on the three of you. I decided I just had to meet you, and Bounce you over to my place for a little fun together. Now that you’re here, I thought you might like to play a little game with me. My assistants and I are going to tease you just a little. If you can stay nice and quiet then maybe you’ll win the game, and you and your Chix can go home. But if you make too much noise, then I will win the game, and that means I get to be wicked and tease you all over. Are you ready, pet?” Sexy Voice asks with pure mischief in her tone.

“LEMME GO! Where’s JANEY?!?” Hailey demands while I renew my losing struggle with my rope enemies, just hearing the worry in her frightened voice.

“You get a freebie on that one, love,” the shadowy figure sweetly warns. “But another outburst like that, and I’ll get to be wicked right away. Now let’s see if you can keep those lovely lips together, or do you want me to tickle?”

“Oh no!” Hailey chirps, and firmly shuts her mouth.

Did she just say what I think she just said?

I watch in erotic awe as Sexy Voice pulls out a long, purple feather, and touches the tip lightly to Hailey’s nose. Her two assistants go back to gently massaging Hailey’s perfectly pedicured toes, and poor Hailey fights the urge to giggle as Sexy Voice begins to lightly dust her nose.

“See? Doesn’t that feel good on your feet, angel? I knew you’d like some attention to your toes.”

Hailey gasps a bit as the assistants take the foot massage up a notch, kneading the bottoms of her size nine feet with their buttery fingers. Sexy Voice moves the feather over the curve of Hailey’s full lips, as she fights desperately to keep them closed.

“Pfffffffft,” Hailey let’s slip as the tip of that feather slides slowly down the side of her neck. The two assistant dames must have sensational technique as they start working the balls of her feet, even spreading her toes and working that soft cream into every nook and curve until Hailey’s feet are glistening in the candlelight.

She would usually be going through the roof. Hailey has the most sensitive feet of anyone I’ve ever met. Let’s just say that more than a few pedicurists in our town have had their noses broken. These broads must know exactly how not to tickle. Which, if ya think about it, is probably a very bad sign of what’s to come.

“Ooo hee hee,” escapes from Hailey’s lips in between gasps of delight from the erotic massage. The feather moves close to Hailey’s cleavage. She bites down on her bottom lip and I can almost hear her praying. This tickler knows exactly what she’s doin’, that’s for sure. And she’s holding all the cards.

“Did you say something, pet? Because I’m just positively dying to tickle this marvellous body of yours. I might tickle you here,” Sexy Voice says playfully, letting the tip of her feather graze the tan skin of Hailey’s toned, naked tummy.

“Eeeeheee heee heee,” Hailey blurts out.

“Or I might tickle down here.” And the feather teases the curve of Hailey’s thigh.

“NEEE heee heeee heeeeeeeee!” she squeaks out, curling her toes against the relentless sensual embrace of the tickler’s assistants.

“And if I get completely naughty… I must admit that I’ll just have to tickle you here.” And this time the feather gently rubs against the sheer top, just above her left nipple. Uh-oh… even through the top, that did the trick.

“EEEEEEE HAAA HEEEEEEEEEEE NAHAT THERE!” bursts out of Hailey’s beautiful lips as she tries in vain to wiggle away.

“Oh my, that was a lot of noise, angel. I think that means that I win round one. And do you know what that means?” Sexy Voice teases in utter delight. “Time for some really ticklish tickles, Hailey.”

“NEEEEEEEEEAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAAA HEEEEEEEEEEE!” she squeals as the feather now strokes expertly up and down her right side. At the same time, the assistants have also changed to a more tickly technique and are lightly dancing their nails over Hailey’s buttery heels and slowly up her soles. I have long since stopped struggling. I’m just sittin’ here, mesmerised in complete shock. Despite myself I feel the little fire of arousal growing in my tummy, and somewhere in the darker parts of my subconscious mind I start hoping that Hailey loses this game.

“Somebody likes feathery tickles,” Sexy Voice taunts as she slides and twirls the feather across Hailey’s body with delightful results.

“EEEEEEEE HAAAAAA HEEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEE!” Hailey giggles while the feather explores her ticklish belly and dips devilishly into her shallow belly button.

“MEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!” she pleads as they explore the sensitive curves of her toes.

“Look at all these lovely tickle spots, Hailey. You really are a treat, aren’t you, love?” Sexy Voice teases, and takes her time tracing her feather from Hailey’s raised elbows, down her arms and into the ultra-sensitive hollows of her naked underarms.

“OOOOOOOooooooo EEEEEEEHAAAAA HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” is the resounding reply.

They tease her and they tickle her, while she roars with laughter and wiggles wildly. Skilled fingers dance along her tender soles, holding back her toes so they can tickle every supple wrinkle of her pampered feet. The feather slides under her top, across her ribs, and all over her naked sides, pulling endless giggles from their helpless captive. Her toes are spread and tickled in-between; feathers caress the curve of her breasts into her cleavage.

They tickle her from top to bottom in the most teasing and taunting way. Hailey howls with laughter, and when she has enough breath she pleads for mercy. It’s probably only been about thirty minutes or so, but it seems like hours. Hailey’s giggles have turned into full-fledged belly laughter, and I can tell from the way she’s movin’ that I’m not the only one that’s gettin’ turned on.

“I just want to tickle this top right off of you, love,” Sexy Voice finally says, briefly slowing down her feathery onslaught. “Tell you what, sweetie… If you just forfeit, and let me take off this skimpy top, then I’d be able to just tickle you bonkers. It’ll be oh-so much fun. Otherwise, its time for round three, and that means I’ll have to positively torture you with tickles until you give up.”

“NOOO HOOOOOO HEEEEEEE STAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAP!!” Hailey begs. Her nipples strain against the fabric of her skimpy top as the tickles start to get her more and more aroused.

“Last chance, buttercup,” warns Sexy Voice.

“YEEEEEEEE AHHAAAAAAAAAA HAAA HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! DOOOOOO  HOOOOON’T!” is about all Hailey can muster. The ticklers at her feet giggle softly to each other as they methodically tantalize Hailey’s captive tootsies.

“Then I suppose it’s torture tickles for you, angel,” she says with a grin. I see a flash of her perfect white smile in the flickering light. “Let’s get rid of this silly feather and see how much I can tickle you with my fingers.”

She moves as bit closer between Hailey’s spread thighs, and with both hands she softly works her fingers against Hailey’s soft sides.

“EEEEEYAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA  HAAAAAAAAAA!” Hailey screams. After only seconds Sexy Voice has found a perfect rhythm and pressure, slowly dancing her nails up Hailey’s naked flanks from her hips to the bottom of her skimpy top.

“GAAAAAA HAAAA HAAAAAAD OOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOO STAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAP!!” she begs, and wiggles her toned butt all over the bed trying to escape those wicked caresses.

“Oh shush. You did ask for this, after all. You wanted to laugh at the top of your pretty lungs. And I’ll bet we can make you laugh even louder,” Sexy Voice promises and with the slightest adjustment in her affectionate fingers Hailey’s desperate howls of laughter do indeed hit a higher pitch.


Even the candlelight seems to be burning brighter as Hailey bucks wildly in her furry bonds, but can not escape the relentless teasing. I pick up some details in the dancing light. The silhouettes come into focus, but only a bit. They’re each wearin’ a pink gem of some kind, like an ornamental hairpin. The pink flashes occasionally in the candlelight. All three of ‘em have fantastic bodies. They aren’t wearing much because the outlines of their bodies leave little to the imagination. Especially Sexy Voice. I can see her nipples thrusting forward erotically with each catlike adjustment of her body.

The broads at Hailey’s feet are now furiously dancing all ten fingers up and down her soles in unrestrained glee. And Hailey has hit that husky howl of laughter that I’ve only heard from her once or twice. These scantily clad shadows are givin’ her the tickling of her life. And with each tickle, and each guffaw I feel my own nips pressing harder and harder against my black lacy bra, threatening to free themselves any minute.


“That’s it, angel. Let us just tickle it out of you,” Sexy Voice teases while she softly kneads Hailey’s ribs – like ticklish Play-Doh in her hands.


The toe ticklers continue to softly giggle as they spend time tickling each and every shiny toe. With each fiendish touch I can sense Hailey is getting more and more aroused. You can practically see the heat comin’ off her body.

“Now, my love, it’s time to see if you can resist my tickly fingers. Because if you laugh too much now, Hailey, I’m afraid you will lose our little tickle game. And you know what THAT means.” And she lifts up her hands and starts wiggling her sexy nails only an inch away from the tender hollows of Hailey’s underarms.

“AAAAAAAAAAA NAAAAAAT THAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!! PUH LEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEE ZEEEEEEEE!!” shrieks Hailey, slumping in her bonds. Those wicked fingers haven’t even made contact yet. But she can feel them ticking the air around her, and she knows what’s coming next.

The growing little fire in my tummy rages like a tinderbox and my heart is thumping in my chest. I can’t even blink. As the fingers touch down on her hypersensitive pits Hailey erupts in the loudest, hardest, huskiest laughter I have ever heard.


“I know, angel. I almost feel bad about this. Almost,” she coos as the rhythmic torture continues. The ticklers at her feet launch an all out barrage of devilish tickles up the blade of her foot, between the toes, all over the ball, down her wrinkled sole, and back up her glistening heel.


“Oh god, Hailey. You are so dreadfully ticklish here,” Sexy Voice chuckles.

“GAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Hailey begs, occasionally hitting operatic notes as she’s played like a violin.

“Just a little louder, pretty angel.” Each touch electrifies Hailey to new heights. The fine layer of sweat shimmering over every inch of her toned body bounces fire-coloured reflections all over the room. She’s rockin’ her hips back and forth. It’s a miracle that top is staying on her body, with all the wiggling she’s doing.

“PAAAAA AAAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEE!!!!” is her desperate plea. She’s completely hoarse from all the laughing, and keeps erupting into and out of silent belly laughter. Just when I think she’s gonna burst into flame, or pass out, Sexy Voice finally slows down her tickles to an occasional tease of her index finger.

The dames at her feet go back to a light massage.

“OOOOooooooeeeeee HEEEEEEEE Heeeeeeeee HEEEEEEEE!” she sweetly squeaks.

Hailey continues to bubble with laughter and tremble with every touch. Sexy Voice picks up a luxurious towel from the bed and pads down Hailey’s glistening body. Hailey giggles uncontrollably at the fluffy attention. She gasps in between happy giggles and the occasional moan. Her nipples are the hardest I have ever seen them. And I’m about one step away from orgasm myself.

Sexy Voice raises a crystal champagne glass filled with water to Hailey’s lips, and she thirstily sips it down. If I weren’t tied down I’d be on the edge of my seat. Is it over? Or is there more?

She is still giggling from the light touches when Sexy Voice playfully taps the bow holding Hailey’s top together. She leans in and starts seductively kissing Hailey’s ear lobe. Hailey moans a bit and returns with kisses to her ticklers neck. It’s not over. It’s just getting interesting.

“I do believe I have won our little game, Hailey,” Sexy Voice whispers, loud enough for me to hear. “And I have to tell you, I am soooo tremendously excited about this next part. I have been dying to tickle you naked for ages.”

“Oho gahad…” Hailey gasps.

“But I can wait a bit longer, if you need some more… encouragement, love,” she teases, and touches Hailey’s sides so lightly, and the foot ticklers lightly begin to tickle again.

“Ohh OOOOO Nooooo HO!” Hailey yelps, and shakes her head from side to side.

“So you can either have turn-on tickles, or we can do more torture tickles. Which would my Hailey like?” she emphasises with a devilish light stroke in each under arm, and the light touches on her feet begin to get Hailey giggling again.

“Dohon’t make mee HEEEEE!”  Hailey begs her seductive captor.

“Either way, I’m going to tickle it out of, Hailey,” Sexy Voice teases and strokes a few more devilish touches under Hailey’s bound arms.

“Pleee heeeeeeeze... TA HAAAAA Turn ohon TI HI CKLES!” Hailey agrees, as a bright blush covers her cheeks.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, wonderful news,” Sexy Voice beams as she unties the ribbon on the front of Hailey’s corset, and pulls it out.
Sorry to cut off the story there. It was just getting to the good part too... But I didn't want to spoil it for ya. The rest is available from MTJpub.

Thought I'd post this as a sample of the writing from Bounce of Aces.

For those of you that haven't picked it up yet. This is what to expect (and there are 45,000 more words where this came from :P )

For those of you that have already picked it up. I really hope it was as fun to read as it was to write. Lo Lo and I had a blast on it.

Comments and faves are always very much appreciated.


~The Deet
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soulpunk101 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
where can i read the whole story?
TheBandito Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
mtj publishing. It's from an illustrated enovel called Bounce of Aces.

Thanks for watching and for the recent faves, much appreciated.

soulpunk101 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
no problem but i was hoping to read it without subscribing to sites or making online purchases same with the yolly and maggs comics i guess some things you just cant get :( haha
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Understood. Free things are fun. Just not usually very good.

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i absolutely love this story! please post a sequel to it!^^
TheBandito Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yay! Thanks for the kind words. I can do ya one better than a sequel...this story is part of an entire illustrated enovel available through MTJ Publishing called "Bounce of Aces".

Nohbdy000 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010
I love the diction for the females you use.
The descriptive detail is exactly what a lot more stories need.
The flow of events in the plat and build of the tension for the "climax" is quite commendable. :crash:
I usually don't read anything twice, but this story is amazing. :clap:
TheBandito Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010  Professional Digital Artist

For me the build up to the "climax" is a very important detail. XD

I appreciate the input.

Nohbdy000 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010
I hope to be a writer myself someday...
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